Cutting Tools Every Sewing Enthusiast Should Have

Cutting is an important part of any sewing project. Getting the perfect output depends largely on how well you cut the fabric. And to get the perfect cut, you need the perfect tool. While there are various types of cutting tools available, you need to choose the best ones for your sewing project. Below, I will introduce you to the best cutting tools for sewing.


  1. Shears: You might have noticed a rather large pair of scissors in your grandma’s toolbox. While that thing always looked a bit absurd to you, it actually has an important role in the world of sewing. The most defining characteristic of Shears is the six inch or longer blades. They also feature dedicated handling loops for your thumb and other fingers. This tool is essential for cutting fabric quickly and efficiently. If maintained properly, a good pair of shears could last a lifetime.
  2. Scissors: In general, shears and scissors refer to the same thing. But technically, scissors have blades which are smaller than 6 inches. They also have same handling loops for the thumb and other fingers. As the singer heavy duty sewing machine reviews suggest, you can use this cutting tool to stray thread, cut pattern, separate tape etc. A wise approach is to never use your shears or scissors for cutting other things like paper, plastic, cardboard etc.
  3. Snips: Leaving stray threads on finished clothing is not a professional way to sew. In order to give it a polished look, you need to make sure the final thing doesn’t contain any loose end which is visible to the naked eye. And the best way to cut these loose ends is to use Snips. This younger brother of scissors is provided with pointy blades which can easily snip out the loosed ends.
  4. Rotary Cutter: Despite looking like pizza cutters, the Rotary Cutter will soon become a handy tool for beginner sewing enthusiasts. The sharp edge of this tool allows you to cut fabrics by just rolling over it. As you don’t have to lift the blade, there is no need to move the fabric, which allows you to have the perfect cut every time. You will need a special cutting surface to use this cutter. With a special self-healing attribute, these surfaces can withstand the cuts.It is always to get the sharpest cutter and the biggest cutting surface you can afford.
  5. Seam Ripper: Unless you are an expert sewer, you will not get your stitches right at the first attempt. That doesn’t mean you have to leave the final product as it is. With a handy tool like seam ripper, you can easily remove the old stitches and try them again. Picking a sharp ripper will allow you to get rid of the incorrect stitches without damaging the fabric.

Final Words

The quality of your cutting has a huge impact on the end result of your sewing project. The above-mentioned cutting tools are must-have items for any serious sewing enthusiast. Before you start your next sewing project, make sure you have all of these in your toolbox.